Royal Bank of Tamriel

Welcome to the Royal Bank of Tamriel! We are a laid back trader’s guild, always looking for more friendly travelers to share in the bounties Tamriel has to offer. If you’d like to join our family, contact any of the officers in-game.

Guild Leader: @KingGooose

Officers: @SwahaVai, @Mr.Pointy, @Tempestwrath, @Lunar_Rose, @AmrasCalafalas, @PoppyNZ, @SniqueMe




RBoT Lore: A Tale of Goh & Iannianith

It all started with Goh. A handsome orc with all the right moves and he’s quite the family man. Goh is known to have over a million children. We as traders once helped to support him and his children by selling our wares at his stand and giving him gold in exchange for his services. Without us, his million+ of children would be eating eel cookies. And we all know what those do to the bowels.

“But how is a million children from one orc even possible?” you may ask. The number matters not. What matters is just how he even has children as there are no children in Tamriel. You only see remnants of where they were in the cradles and drums strewn about the realms. Perhaps Goh favors faeries, so his children are actually half-fae that like to hide and play trickery. Who knows? We don’t. But it is known that the number of his children grows ever still.

Where does Iannianith come into play in all of this? Well, she and Goh go way back. No, they were never ‘together’ together. But Iannianith (‘Iann’ from now on, because no one wants to keep spelling that name) was around before Goh started his family. She originally met Goh while fulfilling a bounty hunting job for him. Apparently someone stole from Goh’s stall and he wanted death to this thief.

Goh and Iann had great laughs about the thief as he fell on his own sword while cleaning his den. But that is a tale for another time. From then on, they were friends. And this is how we have also come to know Iann and her mercenary ways. We now trade through Iann’s stall in the hopes that we can raise gold for a small army of scallywags, and take back our beloved Goh.

– 10 APR 2020 Here ends my first entry of the RBoT Lore tales.