~ Costume Contest ~

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Superhero/Villain Costume Contest

Judging is Sunday, July 14th @ 3pm EST

Design a costume based off of any Superhero or Villain!

It can be from any universe, comic book, movie, or t.v. …

the choice is entirely up to you!!!



  1. You may use any costume, outfit, armor, pet, mount, emote, personality, etc. Nothing is off limits!
  2. You will be judged on Creativity, Presentation, and Accuracy (can we guess who are?!)
  3. Use emotes and /say to your hearts desire as it’s part of what will be judged.
  4. Prizes awarded to the top 3 costumes (20k, 30k, 50k respectively).


  • Judging will take place in Khenarthi’s Roost.
  • @KingGooose will create a group for those who want to enter. If you are not in the group, you will not be considered for the contest.
  • Those who wish to spectate are welcome and encouraged to start their own group!